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Terms Of Use And Privacy Policy
Terms Of Use And Privacy Policy
Terms Of Use And Privacy Policy
Terms Of Use And Privacy Policy
About Diagno  Intelligent Systems Private Limited

Diagno Intelligent Systems Private Limited (‘Diagno’) has its registered office at Flat Number 92, 4th Cross Street, Vimala Nagar, Medavakkam, Chennai-600100, India. It is a start-up establishes solutions for better bone health of the post-menopausal women and men aged 50 years and above. It designs and develops a fully automated software solutions screening tool, named as ‘iOsteoporos Screen’ (an intelligent Osteoporosis Screening Tool). For screening, this innovative tool assesses the digital or computed chest X-ray image of the patient in an automated way; it measures cortical bone mass indices of the clavicle bone and it estimates hip bone mineral density with good accuracy using our novel empirical formula. Subsequently, it estimates T-score and screen the patients for osteoporosis using WHO’s diagnostic criteria.

‘Diagno’ has recently rollout this tool and its tele X-ray screening service, which is intended to use by the Doctors. The tele X-ray screening service (herein after referred to as “Service”) is available at our web-site and it can be used by the Doctors at free of cost for a limited period of time. Both these tool and service are owned and operated by us.

If you are interested to use our Service, please read and understand the following Terms of Use (“Terms”) and Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”/ “Policy”). Later some time, the usage of this Service shall require a service fee to be paid by you to ‘Diagno’.

By clicking “I Accept”, you state that you have read and understood these terms and agree to be bound by the same.

Terms of Use

If you are interested to make use our Service and to get the benefit of our Services, you are required to send a request to us either by email or through weblink given in the facility.  In order to serve you better in providing the screening report of the patient, there is a requirement of some basic information from your side, which are listed as follows: your name, designation and affiliation, email id, contact number, etc. On the other hand, the basic details of the patient to be screened are to be given to our company and they are necessary to provide you the service, mentioned above.  The patient’s details required includes the following: Name, sex, age, clinical history of risk factors and secondary causes of osteoporosis, etc.

After giving these details, you are required to upload the patient’s recently taken standard digital or computed chest PA view X-ray image in pdf format in our Facility for the screening test referred above. Here you are confirming that information given about yourself and patients are true and correct shared to ‘Diagno’

The incomplete request without proper details about you and the patient as well as poor quality X-ray image will not be considered for a screening test and it will be automatically rejected by a Computer.

Please note that this Service is free for a limited period of time; after that, a nominal fee will be collected for the Service and it is non-refundable.

our ‘iOsteopors Screen’ is an automated software solutions screening tool; it assesses the patient’s image in an automated way and gives a computerised patient’s report. It provides information about the patient’s estimated values of hip BMD and its associated risk for osteoporosis.  You are requested to make a note that it provides an information only about the bone health condition of the patient. As, it is a screening tool only, it needs a confirmation test by DXA to take a clinical advice or to initiate a treatment for the bone.

‘Diagno’ does not give guarantee on its accuracy of the Services of an automated assessment of X-ray images of the patients and its computerised patient’s report. So, you are required to use the patient’s report for a simple quick assessment of osteoporosis and it is not suitable to diagnose, treat or to prevent or to monitor the treatment efficacy.

‘Diagno’ will not be accountable for any delay or failure in the assessment of patient’s image, which may be due to various issues, namely computer network issues (availability & connectivity), internet server issues, etc.

‘Diagno’ does not endorse any third-party information, product or service in any manner, which are mentioned/ advertised in this Facility

As you have given consent to receiving Service and marketing/promotional calls, SMSs from ‘Diagno’ will be sent by using our Service/ Tool.

If any user is residing in other nation of the World, and want to use our Tool/Service, you shall use it for clinical purpose exclusively on your own choice and at your own risk. You shall be exclusively responsible for any local compliance as per your country.

‘Diagno’ is holding all rights of this Facility and our Tool/ Service. The Company is the only and total owners of all these referred above. The logo, trade logo, designs, drawings, and web designs and content are under protection by copyright, trade mark and trade secret and other IP laws of both in India and in other parts of the world.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

You are required to share your personal information to us, and it includes your name, age, qualification and affiliation. Also, you are supposed to share patient’s information namely name, sex, age, body height, body weight. Also, you are supposed to send patient’s recently taken good quality of digital or computed chest X-ray image. Thus, you are providing the above-mentioned data to ‘Diagno’ for the Service.

After receiving the data and the patient’s image, ‘Diagno’ shall initiate an automating assessment of the image using its unique tool: ‘iOsteoporos Screen’ and it will screen the patient with high risk for osteoporosis.

In this case, you are considered as Data Provider and user and ‘Diagno’ is considered as Data Analyser.

‘Diagno’ shall follow the Acts of Information Technology Act, 2000 and Rules, 2011.  an Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information), Rules, 2011 and other rules in relation thereto (“Rules”). It will maintain the privacy of users, members, unregistered visitors, etc. and to protect the personal information of such users.

Information collected by Third Party platform

‘Diagno’ is not responsible for any collection or disclosure of your personal information by any external sites, applications, companies or persons, nor do our company endorse any advertising, products or other material on or available from such external application, facility or resources.

Usage and Disclosure

The information provided by you shall be primarily used for providing the Service. If you opt to avail our Services, you shall be required to provide us certain personal data and such other information as may be collected by the Company to provide Services efficiently and to enable us to prepare the report, and to enable us to contact you to share the screening findings.

  1. The personal information to be provided by you shall be clearly displayed to you. The mandatory and non-mandatory fields, to the extent applicable, shall be specified at the time you opt for the Service. If you do not wish to provide us the mandatory information, we will be unable to provide services to you.
  2. The personal and identifiable information provided by you will be used for the following, including without limitation (i) providing the Services and preparing the report; (ii) providing you information about your health including but not limited to sharing reports / images / findings of the services and/or other diagnostics information;
  3. ‘Diagno’ will not disclose the user information to any third party, and user’s personal and identifiable data will always be kept confidential. ‘Diagno’ may use your responses, the said reports and data in a completely anonymized, unidentifiable and aggregated form exclusively for improving its software, procedure, results, analysis and /or its services.
Update User Information

If any of the information provided by you changes, you may correct, delete inaccuracies, or amend information by sending an email with the updated details to info@diagnointelligent.com. Diagno shall not be responsible for the authenticity of your information including sensitive personal data supplied to us.

Intellectual Property Rights

‘Diagno’ is holding all rights of this Facility and our Tool/ Service. The Company is the only and total owners of all these referred above. The logo, trade logo, designs, drawings, and web designs and content are under protection by copyright, trade mark and trade secret and other IP laws of both in India and in other parts of the world.


‘Diagno’ makes no warranties or representations about the accuracy or comprehensiveness of this Facility and Tool/ Service hereof. Neither the Company nor any of its contractors, partners or employees shall be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of access to or use of any content of this Facility

Declaration by the User

I have read these Terms and Privacy Policy, and I fully understand the contents of this document and voluntarily agree to avail the said Services, offered by ‘Diagno’.